Best of 2017 Comic Awards

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On October 20th subscribers received the announcement that the store is holding a “Best of 2017” event. We are posting it here for those who did not read the email or do not have a subscription account.

We thought it might be fun if we hold an annual comic book awards program. The intent of the program is to get readers to review the things they enjoyed most through the year. It also gives us all a chance to expose others to our choices. We all have favorites, we all have treasures, combined they will make a display in the store to recommend these items to others. This will be kept up all year until it is time to do the 2018 voting.

There is a manual form at the counter in both locations which is a write in ballot you can fill out and turn in. This form was emailed to all subscribers on October 20th. You do not have to fill out every category if you do not want to, this is just fun and a social media campaign, so no stress to complete it. We will put entries into a database and make a display in the store of the winners. Only ballots with names on them will be counted. No email entries will be accepted, you have to drop it off so we can verify you are a customer of the two stores. This is to ensure the integrity of our customers having chose the winners.

A few rules…

  1. An “Individual comic” nominee must have been released in 2017.
  2. A “Mini-series” nominee must have had more than 50 percent of its issues released in 2017.
  3. A “Series” must have an issue released in each month of 2017 (we will allow for late shipments by publishers).
  4. “Best Publisher” nominees should have a reason to justify the choice on the bottom or back of the form. Pro DC or Pro Marvel votes are not what we want. “DC shipped more that 85% of the products on time” is an example of what we would like to see. No reason on the form and the vote simply will not be counted for this category.
  5. We will end the votes at Christmas so we can add it all up but you can turn them in whenever you want before then. The staff will check for your name and place it in the ballot box.

Mine will be in an envelope with my name on the outside so no one can read them. Oh wait…

My choices are being put on the display right now! Each Saturday I will release a choice for one of the 15 categories, starting now! I will include why it was my choice to help guide some people as to what to criteria can be used to choose.

Best Cover Artist of 2017

Mingjue Helen Chen (a.k.a. Helen Chen)

  • Gotham Academy Second Semester #4
  • Winnebago Graveyard #1 of 4 Cover B
  • Silk #18

I chose this artist because I previously dropped two of the respective titles and the artwork on these covers still made me want to purchase them. The third was a new mini series and I still have to finish the last two issues but the cover art convinced me to try it in the first place. The specifics are simply that the cover in each case showed knowledge of the title, the color choices enhanced the character shown. The background images in both Silk #18 and Second Semester #4 added both emotion and showed artistic talent toward the audience. Each illustration kept with, or further defined, the titles tone and theme.

Keep in mind I purchased each of these issues even though I dropped the ongoing comic, which is actually the covers job. Sadly, the cover artwork did not get the writing support to bring me back to any of the titles. Excellent cover art but the stories just did not get the development needed to get me back into the monthly reads. 

Next Saturday I will release my nominee for best… well, I guess I should wait until the comic discussion group next Saturday. See you then!

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  1. Jesse Buck

    Here is a list of the items released in January to help you with a starting point.
    A&A 11
    Action Comics 971
    Action Comics 972
    Adventure Time 60
    Adventure Time Comics 7
    Aliens Defiance 9
    Aliens Vs Predator Life And Death 2
    All New Wolverine 16
    All New X-Men 17
    All Star Batman 6
    Amazing Spider-Man 23
    Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows 3
    Angel Season 11 1
    Animosity The Rise 1
    Aquaman 14
    Aquaman 15
    Archie 16
    Assignment 1
    Autumnlands Tooth & Claw 14
    Avengers 3
    Avengers 1.MU
    Avengers 3.1
    Back to the Future Biff to the Future 1*
    Batgirl 7
    Batgirl and the Birds of Prey 6
    Batman 14
    Batman 15
    Batman 66 Meets Wonder Woman 77 1
    Batman Beyond 4
    Batman TMNT Adventures 3*
    Belladonna 4
    Big Trouble Little China Escape New York 4
    Birthright 21
    Black Eyed Kids 10
    Black Hammer Giant Sized Annual 1
    Black Panther 10
    Black Panther World of Wakanda 3
    Black Road 6
    Black Science 27
    Black Widow 10
    Bloodshot USA 4
    Blue Beetle 5
    Briggs Land 6
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 11 3
    Cage 4
    Call of Duty Zombies 2
    Cannibal 4
    Captain America Sam Wilson 17
    Captain America Sam Wilson 18
    Captain America Steve Rogers 9
    Captain America Steve Rogers 10
    Captain Kid 4
    Carnage 16
    Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye 4
    Champions 4
    Cinderella Serial Killer Princess 2
    Civil War II Oath 1
    Clone Conspiracy 4
    Conan The Slayer 6
    Curse Words 1
    Cyborg 8
    Daredevil 15
    Daredevil 16
    Dark Knight III Master Race 7 COLLECTORS ED
    Dark Souls Winters Spite 3
    Dark Tower Drawing of Three Sailor 4
    DC Comics Bombshells 21
    Deadpool 25
    Deadpool 24
    Deadpool And Mercs For Money 7
    Deadpool The Duck 1
    Deadpool the Duck 2
    Deadpool Too Soon 4
    Death of Hawkman 4
    Deathstroke 10
    Deathstroke 11
    Dept H 10
    Descender 18
    Detective Comics 948
    Detective Comics 949
    Disney Darkwing Duck 7
    Disney Frozen 4
    Disney Pirates of the Caribbean 3
    Disney Princess 8
    Divinity III Aric 1
    Divinity III Stalinverse 2
    Doctor Strange 16
    Doctor Strange Punisher Magic Bullets 2
    Doctor Strange Sorcerers Supreme 4
    Doctor Who 10th Year Three 1
    Doctor Who 11th Year Three 1
    Doctor Who 12th Year Two 13
    Doctor Who 3rd 4
    Doctor Who 9th 9
    Dollface 1
    Doom Patrol 4
    Dungeons & Dragons Frost Giants Fury 1*
    Earth 2 Society 20
    Elfquest Final Quest 18
    Enchanted Tiki Room 4
    Ether 3
    Everafter from the Pages of Fables 5
    Evil Heroes 4
    Extraordinary X-Men 18
    Faith 7
    Fall And Rise of Captain Atom 1
    Few 1
    Flash 14
    Flash 15
    Flintstones 7
    Foolkiller 3
    Frostbite 5
    Future Quest 9
    G.I. Joe 2*
    G.I. Joe A Real American Hero 235
    G.I. Joe A Real American Hero 236
    Gamora 2
    Generation Zero 6
    Ghost Rider 3
    God Country 1
    Gotham Academy Second Semester 5
    Grant Morrisons 18 Days 19
    Grave Lilies 1
    Great Lakes Avengers 4
    Green Arrow 14
    Green Arrow 15
    Green Lanterns 14
    Green Lanterns 15
    Green Valley 4
    Grimm Fairy Tales 2
    Grimm Fairy Tales Grimm Tales of Terror Vol. 3 1
    Grimm Fairy Tales Red Agent Human Order 2
    Grimm Fairy Tales Robyn Hood I Love Ny 8
    Groo Fray of the Gods 4
    Guardians of Galaxy 16
    Gwenpool 10
    Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 12
    Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 13
    Harbinger Renegade 3*
    Harley Quinn 11
    Harley Quinn 12
    Harrow County 20
    Hawkeye 2
    He Man Thundercats 4
    Hellblazer 6
    Hellboy Winter Special 2017 One Shot 0
    Hellchild The Unholy 3
    Hillbilly 5
    Hulk 2
    Infamous Iron Man 4
    Injustice Ground Zero 3
    Injustice Ground Zero 4
    Invincible Iron Man 3
    IVX 2
    IVX 3
    Jade Street Protection Services 4
    James Bond Felix Leiter 1
    James Bond Hammerhead 4
    Jem & The Holograms 22
    Jem & The Holograms 23
    Jessica Jones 4
    Jughead 12
    Justice League 12
    Justice League 13
    Justice League of America Killer Frost Rebirth 1
    Justice League of America The Atom Rebirth 1
    Justice League of America The Ray Rebirth 1
    Justice League of America Vixen Rebirth 1
    Justice League Power Rangers 1
    Justice League Suicide Squad 3
    Justice League Suicide Squad 4
    Justice League Suicide Squad 6
    Justice League Suicide Squad 5
    Justice League Suicide Squad 1
    Justice League Suicide Squad 2
    Kamandi Challenge 1
    Kamandi Challenge Special 1
    Kill Or Be Killed 5
    Kiss 4
    Kiss Demon 1
    Knights of the Dinner Table 239
    Lady Death Revelations Illustrated 1
    Ladycastle 1*
    Lobster Johnson Garden of Bones One Shot 0
    Loose Ends 1
    Lost Boys 4
    Lucifer 14
    Lumberjanes 34
    Manifest Destiny 25
    Marvel Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 2 Prelude 1
    Micronauts 9*
    Micronauts Annual 2017 0
    Midnighter And Apollo 4
    Mighty Captain Marvel 1
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 11
    Mighty Thor 15
    Monsters Unleashed 1
    Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur 15
    Moon Knight 10
    Moonshine 4
    Mosaic 4
    Motor Crush 2*
    Motor Girl 3
    Ms Marvel 14
    My Little Pony Friends Forever 36
    Nailbiter 28
    New Super Man 7
    Nightwing 12
    Nightwing 13
    Ninjak 23
    No Angel 2
    Nova 2
    Occupy Avengers 3
    Odyssey of the Amazons 1
    Old Man Logan 16
    Optimus Prime 2*
    Optimus Prime 3*
    Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta 24
    Patsy Walker Aka Hellcat 14
    Power Man And Iron Fist 12
    Power Rangers Pink 6
    Prowler 4
    Punisher 8
    Ragnarok 11
    Raven 5
    Reborn 4
    Red Hood and the Outlaws 6
    Red Sonja 1
    Reggie and Me 2
    Revival 46
    Revolutionaries 1*
    Rick & Morty 22
    Rift 1
    Rise of the Black Flame 5
    Rocket Raccoon 2
    Rockstars 2
    Saga 41
    Saga 42
    Savage 3
    Scarlet Witch 14
    Scooby Apocalypse 9
    Scooby Doo Team Up 22
    Scooby Doo Where Are You 77
    Serenity No Power In The Verse 4
    Shade The Changing Girl 4
    Shadows On The Grave 2*
    Sherlock Blind Banker 1
    Shipwreck 3
    Silk 16
    Simpsons Comics 236
    Simpsons Illustrated 27
    Sixpack & Dogwelder Hard-Travelin Heroz 6
    Skybourne 3
    Slapstick 2
    Slayer Repentless 1
    Solo 4
    Sonic Universe 94
    Southern Bastards 16
    Spawn 269
    Spider-Gwen 16
    Spider-Man 12
    Spider-Man 2099 19
    Spider-Man Deadpool 13
    Spider-Man Deadpool 1.MU
    Spider-Woman 15
    Spirit Hunters 3
    Spongebob Comics 64
    Spread 18
    Squadron Supreme 15
    Squarriors Vol. 2 Summer 2
    Star Trek Boldly Go 4*
    Star Trek Green Lantern Vol. 2 2*
    Star Trek Waypoint 3*
    Star Wars 27
    Star Wars Doctor Aphra 3
    Star Wars Poe Dameron 10
    Star-Lord 2
    Suicide Squad 9
    Suicide Squad 10
    Suicide Squad Most Wanted 6
    Super Powers 3
    Supergirl 5
    Superman 14
    Superman 15
    Superwoman 6
    Tarot Witch of the Black Rose 102
    Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes 5
    Teen Titans 4
    Thanos 3
    The Dregs 1
    The Skeptics 3
    Thunderbolts 9
    Titans 7
    TMNT 66
    TMNT Universe 6
    Tomb Raider 2016 12
    Totally Awesome Hulk 15
    Totally Awesome Hulk 14
    Trinity 5
    U.S.Avengers 1
    Uber Invasion 2
    Ultimates 2 3
    Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 16
    Uncanny Avengers 19
    Uncanny Inhumans 18
    Uncanny X-Men 17
    Uncle Scrooge 22
    Unholy 1
    Unstoppable Wasp 1
    Unworthy Thor 3
    Us Avengers 2
    Venom 3
    Violent Love 3*
    Walking Dead 162
    Wayward 20
    Wicked & Divine 25
    Wonder Woman 14
    Wonder Woman 15
    Wonder Woman 77 Bionic Woman 2
    World of Tanks 4
    WWE 1
    X-Files 10
    Zombie Tramp 31


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