Nominee for Best Artist or Colorist for a Mini-Series!

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Nominee for Best Artist or Colorist for a Mini-Series has been one of the easiest categories for me to cast a vote. I would have done it first but I wanted to release my choice for best writer on a mini before this, primarily because this particular person was a candidate for that title as well.

My nominee for Best Artist or Colorist on a mini series is Joelle Jones for her work on Lady Killer 2.  For those who have not read Lady Killer story, I suggest picking up the first mini series and then read the second. The artwork on both volumes is simply wonderful. The cover to each issue is a direct reflection of the interior, colors are appropriate and eye pleasing. I actually believe the guttering is just enough that if the balloons were gone, I still could read it. There are times in the story where I think if the television character Mary Tyler Moore was an assassin rather than a news producer, this is what she would be like.

High praise, but between Lady Killer 2 and Supergirl Being Super, there was not much to think about for this nomination. I do believe Joelle Jones has entered the realm of top comic artists for me.

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  1. R Miller

    Every thing about Lady Killer is the Best! You got this one right!


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